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Decanter Duck

Decanter Duck

Give your favorite wine room to breathe in the mouth-blown Duck decanter. Let yourself be seduced by the pure enjoyment of the full aroma.

Riedel quality features:
• Crystal glass
• Hand made
• Unique design

From a simple wine glass to a glass which is a pleasure to drink from: every Riedels collection arises out of sensory workshops designed to engage all the senses.

No other name is as closely associated with European glass art and glass technology as that of RIEDEL. That's why every glass bears the Riedel lettering as a unique distinguishing feature.

You can find tips on how to properly care for your Riedel glasses / Riedel decanters at

Box Quantity: 1



Height: 5 1/8"

Volume: 90cl 31-3/4oz


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