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Black Tie Bliss Decanter

Black Tie Bliss Decanter

A labour of love, Bliss displays a rotund foundation with an off-centre heart stamped from each side, thus compressing the crystal into a thin pane of solid glass. This innovative
design forces the wine to pool around the element while providing a place for the fingers to rest as the wine flows out of the decanter into a waiting glass. Like the rest of the Black Tie collection, Bliss is dressed up with a black tuxedo stripe that extends gracefully from top to bottom. 14-3/8 inches. Box of 1.

This daring decanter is mouth-blown and formed by hand without the use of molds, making each a unique work of art.

Fine Crystal, Mouth-Blown.

Box Quantity: 1



Height: 14 3/8"

Volume: 42 5/8oz


available within 3 weeks